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General Service Representative (GSR) / Intergroup Representative Reports
General Service Representative (GSR) / Intergroup Representative Reports - 2024-01

GSR/IGR report for January 2024. Dougie W. is the GSR and IGR for Monday 9:00 am, “Just for Today” meeting.

District 7 Meeting met on January 8, 2024

I attended in person in Quartz Hill.

  • The conversation around the “Basic Language Big Book” is not about the 5th Edition Big Book but a project underway to simplify language for those at a language disadvantage. An online meeting took place in early January. Here is the slide deck. This project is in development, and it is not yet known if it will be published.
  • A.A. Survey 2022 is available.
  • A New Website is available for District 7 information and online contributions.
  • Information is available on the DCM Corner at the District 7 website.

Intergroup Meeting met on January 22, 2024

I attended in person in Canyon Country.

  • Web Stats: last 90 days: 9,535 visitors, 20,207 page visits (humans and bots.)
  • Grapevine: The GV and La Viña apps are available, and the Podcast is available on YouTube.
  • The General Service Office announcement dated 11/17/2023 is transparent on the decline of contributions to GSO. Literature sales are down and with increased costs, meetings, events, and travel.
  • Deaf/hard of hearing resources.
  • The Gratitude Gazette for January is available
  • Financials are posted. Gratitude Month brought in less than previous years, but CO was grateful for all the contributions and a reminder to become a Faithful Fiver at (bottom of page, use PayPal with debit/credit card) on the home page.

Area 93 ACM meeting met on January 21, 2024

I attended in person in Agua Dulce.

  • Website is not available for a week or so due to an expired SSL certificate (security feature).
  • The previous meeting minutes were tabled due to some DCM reports needing to be corrected. They will be voted on in the February meeting in Solvang. All GSRs are encouraged to attend in person or online.
  • DCM for the area gave their reports, which will be presented again at the CCAA (Central California Area Assembly).
  • Many contributions from A.A. groups do not include all the information to give credit to the proper groups. When making contributions, include Group Number, Group Name, meeting location, day, and time. District 7’s treasurer will work with the Area treasurer to sort out those contributions.
  • Keith H. reported on the position of Hybrid meetings and referenced A.A. Guidelines (internet) MG-18
  • Guidelines proposed changes were shown. It will be voted at the CCAA meeting in February.